Escalation & Complaint Management

Whether a customer complaint is justified or not, it’s generally a sound representation of how someone felt at the point at which they raised it. Complaints are always regrettable, but they are a fact of life. There are too many variables and potential points of failure for them to be completely eradicated.

However, the real value is in building an effective process for the escalation of “issues / incidents”, and the logging of complaints. This is in order to provide a sound platform for the necessary analysis of complaints in order to identify root cause analysis and drive remedial action plans.

Shorten Management Consulting Limited will build robust Escalation and Complaints procedures for you, together with the subsequent briefing of suppliers. The supporting analysis models will segment escalations and complaints by type and will calculate the relationship between frequency and relative importance weighting to quantify the business impact.

We will then work with your suppliers to determine the underlying causes and design and build updated operating models in order to provide sustainable environments in which escalations and complaints are directly reduced.


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