Continuous Improvement

In too many instances, Insurer Supply Chain Contracts / Service Agreements are, in reality, owned rather than managed. There is a business acquaintance rather than a managerial partnership based relationship. Consequently, continuous improvement is rarely enjoyed.

By embracing suppliers as much for their intellectual value and expertise, rather than just the commercial terms in the Contract / Service Agreement it is eminently possible to drive the relationship and its benefits forward for the mutual benefit.

Shorten Management Consulting Limited can be engaged to work with your suppliers to identify strategic plans and tactical initiatives aimed at:

  • Driving down indemnity spend,
  • Honing processes to drive efficiency and productivity,
  • Enhancing service delivery, customer experience, Insurer brand and reputation.

It is regrettable that most Insurer Supply Chain Contracts / Service Agreements fail to maximise their full potential. Savings and value-add are achieved through the prudent management of the relationship throughout the lifecycle duration of the contact.


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