New Business Bids/ Business Development

A fool understands the price of everything, and the value of nothing
- Oscar Wilde

Many suppliers and prospective suppliers to Insurers report their feelings on Insurer RFI’s (Requests for Information), RFP’s (Requests for Proposal) and ITT’s (Invitation to Tender) as follows:

  • They ask the wrong questions;
  • They don’t ask the right questions;
  • The author doesn’t understand what we do, nor the impact of it;
  • The author doesn’t understand what they actually want or need;
  • It’s such a restrictive and inflexible process; we can’t do our proposition justice;
  • The tender document is obviously a generic template which is largely irrelevant;

In addition, many of these Insurer tender exercises rather primitively focus solely on the unit buying price, rather than the significantly greater impact that the Supplier can deliver on reducing indemnity spend and controlling the Total Cost of Acquisition (TCA).

What transpires is an exercise in “Tactical Buying”, rather than “Strategic Sourcing”.

As one experienced supplier put it to us: “It’s as if they were just buying Widgets !”

Another said: “There’s so much more we could do for Insurance Companies if only they would listen”

Shorten Management Consulting Limited has supported a wide range clients in the Insurance Claims validation, repair and replacement, and professional services arenas in the preparation and submission of responses to insurance company RFI / RFP / ITT’s.

Our success rate on RFI / RFP / ITT responses: 80%.

Based on a wealth of experience on client tender teams, key activities include:-

  • Project Management of RFI / RFP / ITT responses;
  • Liaison with client key contributors and oversee response evolution and submission;
  • Detailed and specific advice on completion of responses;
  • Writing key supporting infrastructure documents (e.g. Business Continuity Plan, Environmental Policy & Procedures, Equal Opportunities Policy & Procedures, etc.)

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