Development of Specification of Requirement

The Specification of Requirement (SoR) is the platform upon which the entire procurement process and service delivery through the life cycle of the contract is based, and will succeed or fail. It is critical for you – the client, and your suppliers, to fully understand:

  • What goods and services you wish to procure;
  • What you want the supplier to achieve;
  • How the contracted service interfaces with a claims strategy.

Shorten Management Consulting Ltd will support you in critical areas such as:

Operational Engagement

Claims Operations are the users of the services that Procurement or Strategic Sourcing procure.

Project Management of the engagement of Claims Operations, duly liasing with all key contributors to secure inputs and agree the rationale.

It is crucial that Claims Operations are not merely consulted over the Specification of Requirement, but that they are integral to its definition and build.

Current State Benchmarking

Where are we now?
Ascertaining understanding of the existing levels of service delivery and the status of the B2B relationship.

Working with Claims Operations and Procurement / Strategic Sourcing to gather and analyse existing qualitative Management Information (i.e. MI) and qualitative evidence (e.g. Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire’s, structured feedback, etc.).

Gap Analysis

Where do we want to be?

Ascertaining understanding of the defined future state business need and the differential between that and the current position.

SOR Production

The Document

Project managing all inputs, making contributions to, and preparation of the comprehensive SoR document which will be published to prospective suppliers in order to unequivocally set out what will be expected of them in terms of the processes, the service delivery and the size and scale of the requirement.

Time taken in the production of the SoR is an investment in the forthcoming future supplier contract. All too often, when Procurement / Strategic Sourcing teams mobilise a new supplier contract, Claims Operations subsequently express surprise that the range of services procured do not match the operational business requirement. In turn, this inevitably ignites a spiral of dissatisfaction and an unnecessarily high maintenance B2B relationship between the client and supplier.

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