Structuring B2B Relationships

B2B relationships are like any other. The have to be maintained and nurtured in order that they are sustainable and mutually rewarding. The Terms and Conditions of a Contract / Service Agreement are not an alternative to a relationship; they are merely a supporting document to it.

In reality, most people in insurance companies and other client organisations, and most people in supplier organisations, are decent people who are working hard to do difficult jobs.

The wise Supply Chain Manager appreciates this, and that forging a relationship with his key contacts within his supplier organisation will only serve to support the objectives of the Contract / Service Agreement being delivered as planned.

Under the auspices of a high performing and mutually rewarding Contract / Service Agreement, the client Supply Chain Manager and the supplier Key Account Manager should be “on the same side” as one management team, with shared objectives.

Shorten Management Consulting Limited will support you in structuring B2B relationships, for example:

  • Building optimum B2B relationship structures
  • Defining relationship management programmes (e.g. right levels, frequency, agenda, objectives)
It’s not a question of “making friends with your enemy”. It’s a question of working effectively together with someone who should be your ally.


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