Supplier Mobilisation

A recurring theme in the word of insurance claims Procurement / Strategic Sourcing is that a painstaking process of supplier selection will take place over many months, only for the successful supplier to be consequently required to mobilise in an unfeasibly short period of time. More often than not, this leads to:

  • Poor Service Delivery in the early months;
  • Poor perception of the supplier within Claims Operations;
  • Poor perception of the supplier within Procurement / Strategic Sourcing;
  • A remedial action plan process to achieve the required Service Delivery standards;
  • A tarnished client-supplier relationship;
  • An unnecessarily high maintenance relationship;

Shorten Management Consulting Limited will support you in the project planning and execution in respect of:

  • Managed wind down of outgoing suppliers;
  • Volume projections and internal information sharing with new suppliers;
  • Ramping up of new suppliers;
  • Ensuring continuity of service / minimised disruption during transition


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