How We Can Aid Insurance Suppliers:

Shorten Management Consulting Ltd recognises the prevailing cultural and practical difficulties that Suppliers experience in trying to open, establish and maintain relationships of parity with Insurance Company’s.

Typical Supplier feedback includes:-

  • It’s not a business relationship; it’s a master-slave acquaintance;
  • They never return my calls;
  • They have no interest in problem solving. They just want to beat me up;
  • Nothing they do is about “Strategic Sourcing”. They will never listen to my suggestions which will deliver impressiverge savings; all they want me to do is continually reduce my prices.
All in all, Suppliers generally perceive insurers as insular, self assured in their perceptions of their own knowledge, unwelcoming of meaningful supplier relationships, and culturally focussed on a one-sided way of working.

Shorten Management Consulting Ltd intimately understands the dynamics of Insurer-Supplier “relationships” and promotes the view that the prudent Supplier recognises that improved success lies in working towards better understanding:

  • Insurance company culture,
  • The levels of value and prestige that Insurance companies apply to relationships with Suppliers,
  • How “Strategic Sourcing” departments work,
  • The relatively primitive metrics by which buyers are targeted and motivated (i.e. “Tactical Buying” rather than “Strategic Sourcing”)

In working towards supporting Suppliers to achieve more favourable outcomes with Insurance Companies, Shorten Management Consulting Ltd typically works with Suppliers in the following areas:-


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