Design of Management Information Reports

All too often client Management Information (MI) templates do little to support effective Service Delivery Management. Typical instances of this are:

  • One Dimensional: Purely quantitative metrics, with little or no cross-relation to the qualitative;
  • Failure to Identify the Business Decisions Arising: Whereby the completed submission is little more than a “wall of numbers”, rather than telling a story about how good or bad Service Delivery is and what areas require the most focus;
  • Lacking in Trend Analysis: Whereby MI reports are isolated products at various points of frequency which offer no perspective on month-on-month / year-on-year variances;
  • No Supplier Commentary: Whereby MI reports don’t provide for the supplier to volunteer qualitative explanatory prose to explain root cause analysis when they have under achieved against KPI’s

In context with the Specification of Requirement (SoR) and the Service Level Agreement (SLA), Shorten Management Consulting Limited will build you a comprehensive and effective Management Information (MI) suite in MS Excel which will support effective Service Delivery Management.


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