Contract and Service Agreement Production

Whereas a document of Contract Terms and Conditions isn’t an alternative to a relationship with your suppliers, it is most certainly a very important document which – along with the suppliers’ response to the RFI / RFP / ITT – acts as a point of reference in the shared expectation of what goods and services are to be provided, and to what standard.

Many Insurance Supply Chain Contracts / Service Agreements fall short of the ideal standard, largely due to many of them being amended (to varying levels of competence) standard T’s & C’s documents which are often not well suited for the commodity or professional service which has been procured.

Contracts are often silent on issues relative to the service offering, which later on in its life leads to painful debates between the parties’ representatives, who are often not the same representatives who struck the deal in the first instance.

With a wealth of experience in the production of Insurance Contracts / Service Agreements, Shorten Management Consulting Limited is well placed to compose a full set of T’s & C’s, Schedules and Appendices which harmonise the document to the required service offering (i.e. as set out in the Specification of Requirement).

Our bespoke Contract documents can then be passed to your own legal advisors for sign-off and/or input.


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